Everyone out there has their personal opinion on everything from breakfast to clothes ,furnishing ,relationships, closing business deal even running the country and that’s not at all bad like one should have their opinion on various aspects of life that’s what keeps a person connected to the world n it’s on goings but that’s your personal opinion and it has a reason why it call it a personal opinion because that’s what you think as an individual and it’s not necessary that the other person might agree with your opinion. Like one does not get to critize the other person just because they do not agree with your thoughts or your statement even they think are homosepians and have a well developed central nervous system then why do we expect them to just shut it down and just accept what one thinks. It’s okay for one to share their opinion over various topics but just making it a weapon to hate on someone is just another level. No one has ever received the right that they can just pull down someone just because they have an authority or power everyone has a right to display their opinion. If you have the power than might as well use it for some good cause rather than just slamming someone. Like now a days many people out there are just slamming other religions saying “No you cannot do that that’s against our religion , customs traditions..” With all due respect towards your religion and heritage no you do not get to enforce them on someone just because they were born with that name. Remember we are a part of the community and not THE COMMUNITY. Why not just respect everyone’s opinions and just put them together that just won’t make you happy but you more like satisfied and contended knowing that yes it’s just not me but us.

Let me know your opinions on this. I just shared mine and not amining anyone. Love you❤️



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